Evolving Simple.

We started with simple, and made it simpler. Using an efficient design and high-quality leather, the ESNTL Wallet stores everything you need to get back to living. With more than enough room for cash, cards and even your house key.

  • It's You — In Leather.

    We designed the ESNTL Wallet with a cardholder that can fit up to 10 cards. A beautifully simple elastic tab was installed to allow for easy removal of your most-used — no more holding up the supermarket line.

  • Evolution over Revolution.

    The ESNTL Wallet doesn't attempt to completely reinvent the traditional wallet, instead, it seeks to evolve it. Small adjustments create large changes in user experience, and adding a key holder onto the wallet was one of those adjustments. Storing everything you need, whenever you need it.


    More Space, Less Waste.

    ESNTL Wallet features a slim ergonomic build to store everything you'd need — without the bulk. Two discreet slots inside the walls of the cardholder can be used to carry the little things, from banknotes to photographs.

The Evolution.

From inception to initial design, to actual product, it took time and effort to bring our idea to life.

The Problem.

It all begins with a problem.

Conventional cardholders and wallets do not have a dedicated spot for our keys. Sure you can tuck them in one of the card slots and hope they won't fall out. But taking them out can be very challenging, especially when you're in a rush.

The Solution.

The solution was simple, we created a wallet that holds everything your old wallet does, plus your keys.

We went through several designs to arrive at the best one so far.

Functional and Beautiful.

The ESNTL Wallet holds all your cards, cash and of course your keys.

A pull tab allows you to access your favorite card with ease. And a hidden card slot lets you store what's really essential in there.

Belongs In Your Every Day Carry.

The ESNTL Wallet will fit right in with your every day carry, and be an essential part of it.

The new way of carrying is also a stylish one.