Designed in Hong Kong.

Designed in Hong Kong, for the people of Hong Kong. As HongKongers ourselves, we know the colossal value of space in Hong Kong, you don't want your wallet to be thick and bulky, taking up invaluable space.


We also know this city treasures freedom. Minimalism is a tool to help you find freedom in life. Everyone deserves freedom and that includes you. Freedom from fear, freedom from the clutters of life, freedom from material constraints, freedom from depression. Minimalism is a path towards real freedom. Find genuine and lasting happiness and focus on what matters in life through minimalism.

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You Deserve a Better Way to Carry.

We designed the ESNTL Card Holder so that it gives you a better way to carry your daily essentials. The ESNTL Card Holder is compact, thin, yet very functional.

  • Good Fit For Every Occasion.

    Whether you are going to the gym, to work, to school or on a date, the ESNTL Card Holder is always there for you, fitting right in with your every day carry.

  • Much Smaller, Holds Just As Much.

    The ESNTL Card Holder may appear thin and tiny, but it holds just as much as your old bulky wallet. Even with 10 cards and cash, the ESNTL Card Holder still measures less than 2cm (<1") thick.

  • No More Digging Around.

    With the Pull Tab design, you no longer have to dig your fingers inside your wallet for your cards. Simply pull the tab, and the cards come right out. Easy.

  • Fits Anywhere.

    Front pocket, back pocket, tiny handbag, the ESNTL Card Holder fits virtually anywhere. Best of all, no more pocket bulge like with your old bulky wallet.

  • RFID Protection, No More Card Theft.

    With RFID lining within the leather, your cards are safe from RFID theft. You don't have to worry about someone stealing your hard eanred money. The ESNTL Card Holder has your back!